AFP advanced food products llc is your go-to resource for the latest and most accurate info about delicious shelf-stable foods—our careful aseptic packaging process, inspirational menu applications, and profitable market possibilities. AFP is a seventy-year old company, and we know what we’re doing when it comes to producing and packaging foods in today’s competitive, health-conscious environment. Years of proving our capability to create excellence—in both standard offerings and custom-tailored food items—has given us a reputation as a manufacturer that is reliable, responsive, friendly, and accessible. Our team of research scientists and in-house culinary experts—headquartered in New Holland, PA,—continue to lead as food-forward creators of high-quality cheese sauces, dips, puddings, and soups, packaged for maximum flavor and extended shelf life. We’re ahead of the game in food-safe technology, and our greatest accomplishment is helping our customers help theirs. We’re right where you need us. RIGHT PRODUCTS. RIGHT PACKAGING. RIGHT PARTNER.™

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